January 4th, 2005

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okay, I don't know if this is something actually allowed to be posted here ((if you wish I will take it down)) but I had to say something.

this guy, Claw-MacKain on DeviantArt and Claw815 for Aim is one perverted guy. He recently started sexually harassing me over AIM, saying things like he wants to nibble on my ass or screw me ((or Sepp)) and things like that. I gave him a warning never to do that again, and a couple days later he began harassing me once more. I warned him *again.* and yet I have not blocked him I know it's mainly my fault, ((believe me, I have now)) but he decided to try and yiff with me yet again after warming me up with a drawing he did of my character.

I request that women ((probably don't have to worry, guys)) that come into contact with this guy block or ignore him right away. He has no respect for anyone's boundaries no matter *what* he says ((he told me that he forgot about my previous requests to knock it off, over and over)).

Just a warning.
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