October 25th, 2004

  • lilenth

Digital Flyboy

Not a commissioner since he doesn't have the money to pay most people, I tangled with this guy about a year or so back.

Long story short, he joined one of the groups I moded on Yahoo and started advertising for a crusade against all adult art, I replied that it was up to artists what they drew. We chatted for a while, he seems okay aside from having a strange mad on for getting rid of all adult art.

Anyway eventually he got my msn name and we talked a bit more, he kept insisting he was part of this oh so secret police force that tracked down pedophiles online, I just rolled my eyes and let him waffle, eventually he started talking about this rpg he wanted to do and would I do some art for it, by this point he was pretty much a friend so I said I'd do a couple of pieces when I had time.

Then he gave me some character descriptions, from day one I was practically designing the characters as I went along, fed up I asked for a contract to stipulate what I was and was not doing and he went ape starting screaming I was betraying him and said I would be easy to replace, pfft as if he's going to find any artist with more than basic skills to do 50+ illustrations for nothing.

He started ranting and raving said he was going to get his secret police friends to frame me and stuff, so I blocked him, haven't talked to him since, none of the threats have materialised either.

In summary, just generally watch out for Digital Flyboy or mercury_command, the guy's okay at first but is hiding the loss of a few marbles.