October 13th, 2004

Smiling Eskie
  • eski

smoking furs

I feel this is an appropriate place to post this, but if for any reason this is offtopic at all I apologize. The creator of This Webpage has illegally reposted and altered dozens of images from artists who never gave him permission (including myself). I can list Katarina, Huskie, Megan Giles, Synnabar, Ashryn, Arphalia, Michelle Light and many others whose art has been yoinked and reposted here for this guy's own pleasure. Granted, not all of the images are altered, but most if not all are reposted without permission and without credit.

Normally I don't have a problem with people posting my art on their site, it's free publicity if they credit me. I didn't have a problem with this very situation until I exchanged a series of emails with him recently.

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I am now awaiting action or another reply. Take a look through his gallery even if you've never drawn a smoking fur before. He has altered a few images to make them smoke as well. There's a lot to go through, even the fan pages. I was fortunate to only have one piece reposted without my permission, but others much more ripped from their sites and galleries. With this person's apparent noncompliance to regard the original artists' wishes, I'd be on the look out.