September 21st, 2004

Hello Fucko

Threatening would-be commissioner..

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about a Robert 'Yuutomo' Isbell (

The story goes as follows:

I recieved an email September 18th:

"Robert Isbell

I lost my brother a few weeks ago, he was a pure bred Siberian Husky, and I've always thoguh you drew tem so beautifully. I have been asking artists if they'd do a drawing of Zack for my mom, and I was not sure if you were too busy to ask this small favor in memory of a beloved member of my family. I have a few pictures of him posted to my livejournal, and wanted to ask you most of all."

They also included a 'gift' of a GMail account.. as if they thought I might feel obligated to fulfill their request. However, a drawing, no matter what, takes more efforts than a (to me) useless email account offer. I declined, hus story was dubious for one, forseconds, it is rude to try and impose an artist with attempts at guilt to get what you want, and for thirds i state everywhere that I do not take free-art requests. Unfortunately, I did not save a copy of my email.

The next day I recieved this in reply:

"Robert Isbell

fine, I had heard you had become quite a cold hearted person, but to insult me and then make light of my loss. I now see why alot of people I know dislike you, I pity you if the only way you find any comfort is in hurting nice people like me. you are an insult to furre's, artists, and homo sapiens. I am disgusted you think you are worthy of being nicknamed "huskie". I had hoped you had not become like I had heard, but I guess they were right. if I could, I'd drag your sorry ass and show you where a truly kind hearted furre was buried, he will always be better than you, he never hated or put anyone down, he loved everyone and you tarnish that and his breed. I better not see you at AC or MFM or FWA."

Keep in mind, I made no such insulting remarks. I explained that I have every right to decline a request for free art, and that they should have provided a link to their livejournal if anything. I also stated that not him, nor anyone else could keep me from going wherever the hell I pleased. I did not save a copy of this reply either.

It is stated in the FAQ for Anthrocon Security, that they will not take action against threats unless AC is directly mentioned, which is is here. But I did not feel this warranted any serious action as of yet.

Next day:

"From : Robert Isbell <>
Reply-To : Robert Isbell <>
Sent : Monday, September 20, 2004 1:40 AM
To : "Huskie ^.^" <>
Subject : wtf?!
you need to have loved ones die then, and then you'll undertsand how it feels. I am not two faced as you imply, but I stated you had gained alot of flack for being shallow and cold hearted, which I had hoped was wrong. I will state that you best avoid those cons for a while you and osama bin laden ar enow neck and neck for asshole of the millenium award. you must not have much experience with the internet, when you type my name in google, you get my LJ and my webpage. I am glad to see others aren't as heartless as you. if I ever see you, I'll give you a taste of what your 1st reply felt like. I think you best find a new fursona, you aren't worthy of being a husky.

I hope you lose everything because of your attitude."

Who the hell are these 'others'? And my 'attitude? You mean my unwillingness to bend to your whim? This guy is nuts. Nevertheless, I try to make him see sense and bring up the proper-commission idea.

My response:

'Actually, when you type '"Robert Isbell" Yuu' into google, all it comes up with is a few links to ICQ info pages and forums.
Nothing of your LJ at all.
You dont know me, and Im sure whoever your friends are dont know me either.
If you'd like to see MY LJ( You will see a substantial qeue or work to be done.
As for heartless, you will also notice that the majority of work I have uploaded in the past year have been gifts and commissions, to all manner of folk. No sir, it is you who is in the wrong, and I believe you know it.
You don't know who I am, and neither I you, except for these brief spazzes of negativity youre pouring into these emails to me, however, if you would be reasonable, and if you'd really REALLY like a drawing of your husky, we can make a commission deal.
And I would suggest against making idle threats to me or anyone else.
~~Huskie '

At this point, I DID manage to locate his livejournal ( clinging to the bottom of my 'Friend Of' list. His dead-pet story seems to check out, however, more displays of craziness, or at least calloussness are made therein. At one point (here->, he threatens to wipe clean his friends list because apperantly very little people bid him a happy birthday.. o.o He also states (here-> that he is going to ask artists to draw his dog, apperantly, for his mother. He even goes so far as to publicly post a p.o. box address for artists to "know where to mail it to so it can be framed and hung with care and reverence." (

Im wondering who, if anyone is going to comply with his demands? And if he DOES already have friends who are artists, why cant he be sated with THEIR offerings?

Another reply:

">From: Yuutomo
>Reply-To: Yuutomo
>To: "Huskie ^.^"
>Subject: Re: wtf?!
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 20:23:27 -0600
hell no, I won't insult Zack's memory by letting you do one of him, you insyulted him, his memory and me with your reply, and if you'd not my nickname is "Yuutomo" I don't see you using your real name anywhere. I am going to push to have people cancel their commisions because you are cold hearted."

Mmmmhm. First he's praising me up and down and implies being fond of my work YET he states here that he does not see my real name connected to my alias. This makes me suspect that someone may have offered up my name to him since I am associated with the breed, but not from his actual interest. Anyone who is familar with my work, enough to even click and full-view one of my pieces will note the 'Image © Mayra Boyle *year*' in the corner, as i stated in my next response:

"Wow, you have got some extremely flawed perceptions.
I never said anything derogatory about your pet; go ahead, forward me the message I first responded to you with, refresh our collective memory.
Secondly, I mark every one of my uploaded drawings with an 'Image © Mayra Boyle 2004', Mayra Boyle is my name and it is listed in my livejournal information and DeviantArt information.
thirdly, no-one is going to listen to you. Why? because with commissions it is business. Whether a person has emotional reasons or puresly aesthetic reasons behind their order is not my business, nor should it be. If I have room,time, and we come to an agreement for subject and payment, I add them to my qeue and we exchange goods in due time.
Realize, you are a 34 year old man who is throwing a fit because someone said 'no' to you.

His reply:

"I am so mad right now, you flippantly insult the world's most kind hearted husky, and me and my mother, then get upset when I get mad about it. I guess being one of those types you don't have any true friends, and never had anyone truly love you. I will say this, I don't make idle threats, I keep promises, you have been promised to be made to pay for your insult. I am going to speak to others and let them know what you said about me and Zack. I also gather you've not done alot of searches online to note that my nickname is "Yuutomo" which is Japanese for "Friend". I have had quite a few friendly and compassionate artists to offer a drawing of Zack for my Mother, and have earned a special reward for their kind deeds. I do not want to hear from you ever again, you are on my shitlist from now on.

I want to call you such awful things but I won't in Zacks memory."

LOL. Where so -I- get upset here? Where have Iinsulted him, his mom, or his dog?

He has continued to bury himself with threats and now claims to try and defame me with my customers. Ohh noes.. i dont get no 'special rewards'ses.. ;.; and Im on HIS shitlist? HAH! I dont know who this guy thinks he is, but I would like to have a word with any artists who DOES end up drawing for him.

My reply:

"You, sir, are silly.

I then proceeded to type up an inquiry letter to AC securty and TygerCowboy of MFM (with PatTheFox helping me out with FWA) stating that I had recieved several threatening emails from this person wherein he cites these three conventions, hoping they could help me, and upon their request, sending them the log of my emails with this person.

However, I accidentally sent a copy of one of the emails I was sending to Pat back to Yuumofo, his response:

"fuck you, you heartless cow."

I was greatly amused by this accident, I dont think he even know what I was doing, so I decided to inform him (didn't save the actual email) something like this:

LOL, Im sorry, I sent you BACK the email I was sending to FWA staff <:3

Hopefully the staff at AC and MFM will get back to me so we can work out something.. still not sure what. But something to keep this maniac away. :/

Just felt like sharing.

In a nutshell, he seems to be an irrational and narcissistic individual, and upon refusing to do his bidding will fly into a tantrum, ignoring his wrongness and only becomiung angry at any further reasoning.

Beware this individual.

I have dubbed him: Son of KAK.

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