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Way back in March SPIRITWOLVEN and I agreed on a trade. I would send her my real horse tail that had been cured and fitted for furry backsides and she would make me a tiger tail/ears set(for my husband) and a white fox tail(for my friend). They have not arrived.
"I'm working on them" was the response each time I emailed. The last time,She said she would have them in the mail by July 20 for our yearly tri-state furmeet. They didn't show. It is now 2 days until I leave for MFM. Even with priority mailing, they will not arrive in time, IF she even had them ready. The last 2 emails I have gotten no response at all.

So now I'm out of a tail as is 2 other people. Id not been wanting to post here about her but now I don't really care if she reads this,gets mad and I figure Im not going to receive anything anyway. The events I wanted them for are either done and over with or will be very soon.
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