December 21st, 2003


Unsure, so just a tentative warning.

I got a commission a while back from someone by the name of Tafkaweasel.
Now, he was friendly, good communication, and all that while I was doing his pic (a nude, but not sexual).

Well, he said that he would have to wait to pay me for about a week or so, because of bills and so forth and money being tight and all that. (the commission was $20).

So later on, he mentions he's looking for sabrina skunk porn and is very dissapointed at the utter lack of it. So he tries to commission ME to draw sabrina skunk porn (knowing full well it would be a bad idea because he even stated "which would cause much rage to the original artist". I promptly said no, sorry, I don't do characters without the permission of the original artist. His dissapointment showed and he changed the topic.

About a minute later he says he has this friend who gave him permission to use their character in a commission, and he would like to commission me for it (He never said the name of the character or the name of the artist). So I said sure, have the owner of the character send me an email stating their permission to use their character. (At this point I was smelling something fishy because of his previous attempt to get me to draw sabrina porn, and I honestly didn't t hink the email would be produced). Well it was, I got an email from someone named "Skotti", who signed the email "Elle", giving permission to use their character "Nightmare". I have never heard of this artist (if someone has, please tell me?) and The only "nightmare" character I know about is the black stallion with a flaming mane that was done in a commission by dark natasha for someone who, I don't think was named?

Usually when an artist emails you (at least in my experience) they provide a link to their site or to a place where they have more artwork. There was none. I also have yet to receive a description of the character I'm supposed to draw, from either "Skotti" or Tafka himself.

It gets fishier when not long after the request for this commission, Tafka dissapears from AIM altogether- it's been a few days since I spoke to him last, and then there was only brief mention of the commission at all.

Now, I could be jumping to conclusions... but I thought it prudent to let you other artists know , since the faint smell of a rat (or, as it were, weasel) is drifting up to meet me.

If anyone has been commissioned by him and had a GOOD experience or could otherwise cause me not to worry so much, please share? I don't really know what to think.