October 14th, 2003

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You know, I'm going to follow suit of what others have been doing and point out that I've had problems in the past with commissions I owe people. I still owe a commission I stupidly took while desperate and homeless to someone from almost two years ago.

Once I find the fellow who bought that commission (of questionable items, boy do I know better these days) hopefully at MFF I'm giving him the pics and offer a refund if I have the money on me, or tell him I'll give him at least most of the money once I earn it.

Truth be told I probably won't do commissions anymore after this. Just art trades and stuff. Blah.
rice ball kitty

because this is not the "i told you so" forum:

Step right up one and all for the next round of "COVER YOUR ASS".

Anyway. The point here is honesty. Be honest. If shit happens, shit happens. Shit happens to everyone and if someone can't comprehend then they need their fuckin' money back. This is not retail you do not have to be all smiles and obligation to the customer. Especially one who hasn't paid. You do have to be honest about it. Some commissions take longer than others. If someone is going to commission you let them fuckin' know, Okay? If you know you're going to be a slo mo then don't accept the money until later on. If you've already taken the money you need to get the hell up off your ass and find some motivation or work out a new deal. If you lose a commission because you were honest- OH WELL. You and your inner workings will be better off in the long run. Honesty is always the best policy.
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Crossing my fingers...

Someone recently won a commission from me. I e-mailed the person, I waited patiently, but there was no response. I e-mailed them again, and waited. No response. I'm assuming it's computer trouble.

So, if you hear said person complaining about not getting a reply on their Mogwai_toejam/Akktri commission, please explain that I've tried.

Sure, I don't mind relaxing and taking it easy, but I'd prefer it if this person would talk to me sometime before they complain about not getting anything.