September 7th, 2003

(no subject)

I had this emailed to me, I thought it would be helpful to post here. Yay!


I'd like to report a deadbeat bidder/commissioner. His name is Daniel Sullivan. He claims to be a Master Sergeant in the US Army, but he's not. (I know, because I have access to the Army Search database AKO online where I and my husband can log in, and look up any soldier, officer or civilian in the Army, National Guard or Reserves.) He goes by Huskygirllover on Furbid. He's a liar, and commissioned me and then never paid for the work. I have more information if you need it. Hope you can add this person to your Artists Beware LJ. Sorry, I don't have a LJ myself, that's why I'm emailing you. :)

Double Happiness!