September 1st, 2003

  • thaily

Warning and praise.

First of all the warnings.

Schnookums: I gave him two months to pay $20 for an original, he had plenty of possiblities to mail me on either of my three active accounts, or leave me a p-mail on Tapestries where I saw him hurriedly pass by several times but never did. From what I gather it also takes months for him to ship anything to his customers.

Assinio: Oh the tales I could tell.. He produces the 'cat scratches' and 'hare trigger' CD's for which he 'commissions' artists. However, I've spoken to several artists (over a dozen) whom he's never ever paid and still owes several hundreds to. He'll try and pay artists their fee in CD's when cornered. Ask around, he has a really bad trackrecord for paying.

Brian O' Connell: We paid him what.. Three years ago, four? There's people who've been waiting longer however. Always bitches about how he has to pay the rent and is busy drawing for this or that but as far as I know never gets any commissions done, ever. He -does- accept payment in advance however.

Then the praise:

CharlesdeleRoy: Generous bidder who in my case paid everything in advance, knows what he wants quickly, very patient and pleasant to talk to.

Graybunny: Same, I'm so lucky with bidders like these :)
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May as well add my two bits.. :D

Dave Kesler...

Comes off as a really nice guy. Too nice really..
He acts like a cautious buyer.. and tries to ask that he pay half.. or all -only after- the image is completed.
He also was trying to become too friendly. Not sexually, but had been trying to get me to log in and chat via messenger.
My guess was he wanted an easy way for me to send scans over to him.. ¬.¬

I don't work that way. I dont correspond to business through messengers, and Pay me up front, or don't commission me. Simple enough.

So anyway... I begin work, but I do not show him any scans. I tell him he must show some sort of proof that he is going to pay me FIRST.
Weeellllllllll after the email to ask for payment, he replies that he'll get payment sent out as soon as he can, and that was the LAST I ever heard of him. Now I have a roughed image I still have yet to completely alter to make my own.
I put a post on furbid about him, and it turns out he's done this to more than just one person.

He's not a "cautious buyer", he's a scam artist that wants to trick you into giving him free scans of your hard work, then just dissappear without paying you.

Once I saw it as hopeless I gave him a rather nasty email to let him know I wasnt amused.

sooooo.. yah. ^_^; That's all..

Bad Experiances?

Well, I can honestly say I've been fortunate in only having a couple bad experiances.

One of them was from a girl who called herself "Topanga". This was her character/fursona name. She lives/lived in Nevada. Basically she had me do a character picture of hers (pin up), and said she sent a check in the mail. I was young, and naiive, and being it was a friend (over the internet though), I trusted her word. It's been 7 years now, and I STILL haven't seen or heard from her, or the money she owes me. Naturally, after the first year I gave up. I heard from her 2 years after I drew the picture.. said she was going to send another check. Stupid me though, sent her a scan of the image before I received the check. I guess you live and learn, right? I don't know if she's buying any more artwork from other artists.. but if you know anyone by that name, chances are, she's going to try to be your friend first, and cheat you later. :/ ..

The second one I was *very* careful on, and turned up someone random over the internet. I was in a chat room, when he saw my website. Wanted to get to "know" me, and get me to do a drawing for him. Told me he wanted to see a very very rough sketch before he gave me the full amount. I didn't trust him from the beginning, most especially when he INSISTED he send it to my HOME address, instead of elsewhere (that's right folks, I DON'T send things from my HOME address). Needless to say, I sent him a very very very very unusable by even the great artists of the past themselves, sketch to get a general idea of what I could do.. he liked it, but didn't like the fact I wouldn't give my HOME address so he could send me a money order.

So I guess my advice to those, would be DO NOT get pressured into a sale.. no sale is worth it. If you feel you're being pressured into anything you don't feel comfortable with, DON'T DO IT. And never ever send an image or copy of a commission before they pay. -.-; But that was already nicely put by Limey about getting the dough up front. I was fortunate, but I know there are many out there that aren't so.. :( .. In such respect, I'd personally like to apologize, I've never done anything, nor do I plan to.. but no one deserves to be "scammed", "cheated" in any way.

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