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A tale of woe!

You know, I ever thought I'd ever get a nightmarish commission request. But I guess there's a first time for everything, hey?

Well, not sure if I'd call this a tale of "woe" per's more like a tale of *headdesk*.

About a week ago, I get this IM from Rogeykun ( who's chatting a mile a minute as though we're close friends, to the point where I asked him if we knew each other. He answers no, this is the first time we've chatted o.O. After about a half a dozen messages from him, however, he asks me for a commission. No problem, he just wanted an inked picture w/ 3 characters. I agree to take it.

The first point of note is that this fellow has terrible listening skills. Several times I had to ask him to send me a detailed PM through Furaffinity, once he hashed out in detail what it was he wanted. After awhile he stopped trying to brainstorm via very scattered IMs, and complied. After that was squared away, he paid me and I began. Much later, I had to ask him for his address. He emails back, "1234 Iowa" (address changed to protect blahblahblah you get the idea. ;P). I reply that I need the COMPLETE address, to which he responds, "Oh, I didn't know you needed the whole thing!" Oy...

Second point of note, is that this fellow is an IM disaster. He was messaging me nonstop, trying to chat with me, and doing one of those numbers where he would take 6 IMs to get his point across. Multiple times I would tell him I was busy or that I couldn't chat. His response? He'd state that I didn't have to respond right away, and next thing I know, I'd have 12 more messages sent my way. Eventually I got aggravated enough to where I blocked him, and just kept my communication with him via email only, and strictly business related. This worked for about a week, but I'll get to that later.

In the meantime, I got to work on his picture. Which wasn't so bad, except that he got me to revise it over and over again. "The cheeks aren't fluffy enough. Now they're too fluffy. No, smooth them out again. The ears need to be shorter. Oh hey, can I have different hair?" Now, I don't mind doing revisions, as I like to give my customers the best work I can do and make folks happy with what they get. But after adjustment number 4, I once again found that enough was enough. I gave him a scan of the updated picture, and told him that the revisions in question were getting to be a daily thing, and that it was a lot of work to have to erase, adjust and scan his picture over and over again. I told him that I would be more than happy to make further adjustments to his picture, but that going forward I was going to charge $5/revision, which would need to be paid up front before I began work. Fortunately he took that well, and suddenly decided that his picture was perfect, and was happy with my work. Good. I told him I would start inking this upcoming week.

So, that said, all was Peacable Kingdom until last night, when I get a tantrum from one of Rogey's other IM alts. Between all the "hells" and "damns", he basically asked me why I blocked him. So, since he asked, I felt he deserved an honest answer, and I told him why. I told him that he was overbearing, and chattered nonstop, despite my efforts to let him know I couldn't chat. (I also apologized if I had been too subtle in that regard). After begging me to unblock him, saying he'd be good and not bother me if I was busy, I told him that no, I'd prefer to keep him blocked. The truth was, he made me feel uncomfortable, rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn't really enjoy talking to him. I told him exactly this, and stated that I would prefer to keep communication to email, so that I could finish his picture and have that be the end of it.

This did not sit well with Rogey. He proceeded to tell me how "mean" I was, and he didn't want to do business with a "mean" person and demanded a full refund. I told him I wasn't being mean, I was being honest since he asked, and that no, I wasn't going to give him a full refund, since I produced a full pencil sketch, which I revised 4 times. I did tell him I would refund him back half of the cost, as the total was $20, and I charge $10 for pencil sketches. In the meantime, I told him I would also still send the hard copy to him, so I would be keeping the $2 for shipping to fund that. He didn't want the hard copy, however, so I refunded him back $12 via Paypal.

That done, he proceeded to tell me that he hoped I am not that awful to autistic people and bid me farewell.

So yeah. Word of caution should Rogeykun contact any of you for art. To put it mildly, he was a very poor customer.

Shortly after posting this, I get ANOTHER IM from him from another alt, asking my permission to ink and colour the picture. I told him that I would appreciate it if he didn't, but thanked him for asking.
He then gets his BUDDY to pester me and the following conversation ensues:
[21:46] cfcfurry: hi is this the babs Rogey The Vulpix commisiond?
[21:46] BabsBunny CC: Yes....
[21:47] cfcfurry: i heard you wouldnt let him in and color it is this true?
[21:47] BabsBunny CC: He asked me if he could, and I told him that I would appreciate it if he didn't, and thanked him for asking.
[21:48] cfcfurry: oki
[21:50] cfcfurry: you would appreciate it so i see you know that he can do it if he wants cuz he payd for it that was all i wanted to know
[21:50] BabsBunny CC: No, in short, I do not wish for him to colour or ink it. he asked for permission, I denied it. Do you understand?
[21:51] cfcfurry: well babs he payd for that sketch and that means he owns it
[21:51] cfcfurry: so he can do what ever
[21:51] cfcfurry: if it was a request its diffrent
[21:52] BabsBunny CC: Then he shouldn't have asked, should he?
[21:52] BabsBunny CC: This discussion is at a close. I do not like being bullied, or sidetalked.

Yeah. Hopefully that's the end of it. -.-

Ugh. >.< Fortunately in all the years I've been a furry artist this is the first ripe one I've come across.

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