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Has anyone here had experience with getting a badge from rabidboi? I ask because at FWA this year I paid for a badge from her for my friend, Allik that I never received. I could plainly see that it was half way done before the end of the con, and she tells me each time it is done, all she needs to do is mail it. I'm curious to know if she owes anyone else a badge as well, considering the fact she goes to cons, and taking commissions seems to be the way she funds her way while there.
I've contacted her about my badge countless times over the past few months, and usually she is pretty good about responding, and promises to get me my badge. But then I wait and still nothing. I realize she has had a some in-real-life problems forcing her to move a bit this year and loose her job, yet she still manages to make it to all these cons. I wanted to post this prior to MFM to see if anyone else is waiting on a badge from her, and as a preemptive warning in the event of anyone else commissioning her. I don't want to say for sure yet "Don't commission her" because she does seem friendly and I might be the only person left in this situation. But I do think that 7 months is quite a long time to wait for a badge that is already finished, and each time I contact her about it I get this new crisis in her life, and then I read about her going to a con. So in the interest of seeing that no one else is shortchanged, I'm wondering if I'm not the only one waiting for a commission.

Edit - Ok this post is now over a month old and I'm still getting new comments about it NOT PERTAINING TO RABID BOI'S BUSINESS. This is ARTIST BEWARE therefore unless you have an experience with her deals with art or her business, please refrain from posting on this thread. I will leave this up in the event that people need to know about her in terms of commissions, but the rest of the personal drama stuff I'm going to ask to be frozen.

Edit -November 26 2008,
I have finally received my Rabidboi badge in the mail. I will leave this post up for reference, but the matter has finally been resolved.
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