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Problem Solved

Hi everyone. I just wanted to create a follow up post from my previous one about the artist Beeejaay. She messaged me last night and with the deepest heartfelt sympathy apologized for her absence and cause of all the trouble. This is very admirable of her. I commend her. She had my art done as well as others. Even refunded me half of my commission price right then and there. I will be taking down my other post, and i myself apologize if i offended anyone by posting about her. I acted hastily when writing it.

Beeejaay is looking for the other people who commissioned her. She wishes to fix her Que list. She did have things come up and promised me she learned a valuable lesson during this whole ordeal. As have i and i hope the rest of her customers. Thank you Beeejaay for being a wonderful artist and doing what you could during your time of distress. I hope everything is cleared up and works out.
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