Bottled Monster (dae) wrote in artists_beware,
Bottled Monster

Hey folks! I have a quandry, ironically enough with one of the members of this community.

Have any of you by any chance spoken to _gilligan_ anytime recently? I ask becauase I commissioned her back in March of this year for two tail keychains-- One was for my younger brother leeranw's 20th birthday, which was in June. I paid her, she made them(Actually, she made them first, now that I've rechecked my email records), they looked fantastic, all seemed well.

A week or so after their completion, I asked if she had sent them off yet(I asked because I had requested that she notify me after she sent them), and she said she hadn't done it yet. I was mid-move at the time, and as I mentioned one was for a birthday present, so things were a little time-sensitive. I have since moved and would love to receive the keychains, but I haven't had any replies to my last two e-mails, which were in mid-May. I was a little irked at first, but having looked around a little bit she doesn't seem the type of person to do this often.

I'll be X-Posting this to ilovetails and to artists_beware, so I apologize if you see it twice. I'm not really sure what to do at this juncture, so any advice is welcome... Thank you!

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