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Matt Z

Stringing me on for a year.

Well I had always admired an artist by the name of "Miller Sullivan" (I doubt that is his name. It's the only one i know him by). Heck part of my character was based on his artwork (namely the toony type way he draws)

I was able to procure a comission from him via Second Life (He needed money to pay for a gun he wanted. I had said money. Trade was agree'd upon. I loan him the money for it, he does a picture in lieu of paying me back in L$)

It's been a FULL YEAR since I paid him about L$1,800 for that gun and have yet to see a single sketch, or a doodle, or anything of the sort. I had been after him once a month on FA before it died and either I got no response (the last 3 to 4 months) or the "life" excuse. He apparently is active on Second life... But since I want to collect on a debt he's got me on mute or is never arround when I am (and I've tried to be arround whenever possible)

I'd try to get a hold of him for some kind of status for months via FA's notes and PM's. All he'd ususally say was that he wasn't feeling well, or that there were things going on in life. Even sometimes when I asked he'd tell me he was working on it and would have "something soon."

I've even offered to have the comission cancelled if he wasn't able to do it due to all his "problems" in real life. All he would have to do would be to pay me back the ammount that I loaned him and that would be it no questions asked.

However it's finally come to this.

Here's one of the few remaining archives of the guy's work I can find: (Updated a little less than 4 days before this posting no less!) <- Hasn't posted anything to this in over 2 years. But looking at his recent fav's he still visits the site (last Fav was submitted to DA and fav'd on the 14th of July of this year)

He goes by the name of "Miller Rust" on Second Life.

I don't care if he sees this or if someone can get me in touch with him somehow so we can work this out... I just want this off my chest.

EDIT: I managed to get a hold of him... He says it's gonna be done this week. He says he finally has some motivation.

Frankly... I am a little hopeful, and a lot burned.

DOUBLE EDIT Well apparently someone posted this to his FAP site. SO he might see it.

Again I'd like to reitterate that I'm willing to give him time. I just want some updates beyond "Soon". That's all I ask.
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