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Logo design

Just to throw this out there- how would you expect to make from a logo commission and what all would it entail? Maybe I'm being unreasonable...

I just had a very bad experience with someone calling herself "Kay" wanting a logo designed for CJKats business. Her email was

During the entire time I advocated and supported my claims when she began questioning me about the "way way expensive" art I was telling her about.

My research has shown that most specialized commissions such as a business logo do run usually between $500-5,000. Sometimes (more often than not?) less if you're hiring students. But given all that goes into a logo, they should run more than your average drawing commission.

I think most people agree on that?

This research is easy to do- I did my own over google. So I told her to do the same, which she wouldn't do and just kept coming at me with "support your claims, support your claims!"

I told her I was asking $300 even though I did have commission experience and was no longer a student (of college, though I will always be one of art).

She, however, did not support any of her own claims. She bad mouthed me. She wouldn't provide PROOF when I provided her all the proof she wanted/questioned. She bragged about all the cheaper art she buys (that was the most maddening, just because she paid so-and-so $40 for a full colored image does NOT mean I should lower my own prices). She said several artist who "knew what they were doing" had contacted her with much cheaper prices- she never gave me links or emails to prove this though I asked countless times.

I saved emails. And I admit I got a little snotty with her but I was at my wits end the way she kept saying I wasn't supporting myself with proof. I was. With links and directions. What more did she want?

She wouldn't provide me with ANY physical proof of any of her own claims aside from her financial status. Which is much better off than my own and I once paid $400 for a piece of art I never recieved (Blaque Tygriss' legacy). So don't play the "I'm poor" bit with me. If art is important to you then you pay what it's worth to you.

She settled for a cheaper artist. Obviously. I feel sorry for the guy being ripped off.

Thanks for listening? And be careful- do your research.

EDIT: it's actually CJ Cats. Kay is the supposed daughter of the business owner, btw.
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