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Negative Press and possible effects of...

First off this is my first post in AB, and I hope it is not too off-topic, I'm not reporting on anyone, instead I would like to open a discussion on the IMPACT of previous reports on clientèle, artists & people who have considered taking out commissions with someone.

The whole Pogoroo thing, and countless other artists mentioned here as being unreliable - does anyone else see these incidents/persons as giving a bad name to, hurting the reputation of and possibly taking away business from ALL artists offering commissions? (Speaking within the community of course)

I mean - is such "bad" artist behavior it rampant? No. Should we judge only by what is reported here? No. But does it factor in? I believe - Yes. And I worry that all this bad behavior might be turning away some possible clients. That is my belief though, and I'd like to hear yours AND possible solutions.

Would I sound like I'm trying to hard to defend myself (even though I've never stood up a client) if I were to post client reviews (basically, a client gives me a review of services rendered and I post it - negative or positive - sort of like those ebay points - oh that would be a great website, too bad I can't program worth a diddle...if someone wants to I have ideas)

I just don't like to hear how some people who really want to commission people end up feeling uneasy about it because of negative past experiences, or hearing about them from others.

In short - What can the "good" artists do to protect themselves from the backlash caused by others?

(P.S. I don't mean to sound paranoid or anything, its just a concern - sorry if this is inappropriate as a topic or already been address.)
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