dineegla (dineegla) wrote in artists_beware,

Modem Redpill is in default

  Just like everyone else  here, I have had a very bad experience that I wish to report. The artist's name is Modem Redpill, and he's popular on FA. At Anthrocon 2007, I commissioned him to do a $40 commission. He was our roommate. And while he was there, he said he was having financial problems, and he asked if he could borrow $350 for rent. Being new to this artist group I felt that this group were nice and honest, so I lent it to him. After AC 2007, I managed to get at least $51.00 back from the rent loan, according to him, and that was it.  Later emails from him became a "pity party" on how much he was in debt, yet I would watch his journals and he'd be going here and buying these items, and spending money, etc. I finally PMd and told him that I wanted to cancel the commission after almost a year of nothing.

  Even my Partner emailed him, asking what was going on, and he acted innocent and said that he told me that it might be a little more wait until he got the money. Meanwhile, he attends Further Confusion and other Cons, and from what I heard, did well in artist's alley. My partner again emailed him, and he said that he owed lots of people money, and that I should "get in line." And that he would contact us when he was ready to pay.

  Anthrocon 2008 just ended. But before it started, he made a major announcement that he just couldn't be attend AC due to other things. Yes, probably because  there were several people who would have asked him for me as to when he would pay me. You see, I'm also a person who has become handicapped since AC, and now in a wheelchair, so the money would have been nice to have back.

  I want people to know that he has defaulted on other commissions, too, and I think he's never to be trusted. I stepped out and did him a favor, and got burned.
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