Sarah Cowan (_wolfess_) wrote in artists_beware,
Sarah Cowan

Another dA con?

Many users on dA will have recieved notes asking them to contribute to some scam or other (unwillingly), such as have their 'poetry' printed into a 'special book' that will only cost them $25, that kind of balony.

So I was very wary when approached by The-art-collecter. To submit 'wolf art' to her book.

The note I recievedCollapse )

But basically when you submit your work you recieve exposure, as you can have your details with your work, fair enough. But as far as I know the artists don't recieve any profit from this. So essentially it's like making prints of someone else's work, putting their web address, email on it, and then raking in all the profits for yourself.

Am I over-reacting? Or does something sinister lie like I suspect?

I apologise if this is irrelevent, I just thought this would be the place to ask about this :/

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