Sarah Cowan (_wolfess_) wrote in artists_beware,
Sarah Cowan

Another dA con?

Many users on dA will have recieved notes asking them to contribute to some scam or other (unwillingly), such as have their 'poetry' printed into a 'special book' that will only cost them $25, that kind of balony.

So I was very wary when approached by The-art-collecter. To submit 'wolf art' to her book.

"Hello, my name is Sally Ford,I am representing Platte Productions Publishing and we are putting together a book called "Amazing Wolf Art".

I have seen your work and would like to include your art in this collection.
(you can submit up 3 images)

If you are interested you can be sure there is no cost to you, we are only looking for permission to publish.
We would like to include the best wolf art we can find. This can be a great platform for you to promote your work. Not only will all works be credited to the artists but you will have the opportunity to include your contact information, including website and email address.

This book is expected to be available this Summer. We have just successfully published "Amazing Pencil Portraits".

If you are interested please let me know and I will add your work to our Submission folder.
For more information, rules & guidelines, please visit and watch us here at DA.

Deadline for Submissions: JULY 4th, 2008
Thank you for your time,

Sally Ford
Platte Productions Publishing

Journal entry on 'submissions'.

The 'submissions' she's placed here in her favourites. Usually when I see Goldenwolf, Starfinder, khaosdog etc all in the same folder like this my brain screams theft. I do wonder if they actually submitted work to the book?

But basically when you submit your work you recieve exposure, as you can have your details with your work, fair enough. But as far as I know the artists don't recieve any profit from this. So essentially it's like making prints of someone else's work, putting their web address, email on it, and then raking in all the profits for yourself.

Am I over-reacting? Or does something sinister lie like I suspect?

I apologise if this is irrelevent, I just thought this would be the place to ask about this :/

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