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Cowbell Hero

Commissioning Art of Characters He doesn't Have Permission For

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I can't post the offending commission because it's not mine and the artist removed it from online presence. Not that I would want to.

Dreamweaver4121 is one of my good friends and took a commission from someone who calls himself "Matthew Brandon" or "MatthewBrandonBlue." DW (as I call him) is kinda naive like I am to the way some "shady" commissioners operate and did the commission under the assumption that the three characters he had specified were being commissioned with permission.

Sydak Oboro's Umbri,
Kulli's/Syberstyk's K2
and my character, Rhyna.

I am also good friends with both Sydak and Kulli, and Dreamweaver, in his picture description, apologized for using our characters.

Now, Kulli isn't really a bad person, she tells us in her journal that it's okay to do fanart of her K2 character, as long as we ask first.

Which is fine with me, not an unreasonable request, and 99% of the time she says yes.

But Matthew Brandon never asked her permission.

I showed her the piece and she was surprised to see her character in the offending picture and no one had asked her, like she specified.

Through some correspondence with Kulli and Dreamweaver it turns out Matthew had conned DW into doing it, even though he was getting paid for it.

I mean, i know DW can't very well refund the money to Matthew, because then he'd have his artwork AND his money back.

Watch out for Matthew Brandon. he's quite shady.
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