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I wanted to comment and ask your advice about my interaction with Kora. Her FA page is at

In mid-February she asked to comission me for a four page comic, based on the prices I had listed in my FA account. Since I wanted to come across as a nice guy and not shoot down someone's hopes of getting a comic, I initially tried to negotiate things. Since she pointed out the old and inaccurate prices I felt obliged to honor them. I agreed to do it for 'way less than I probably should have been charging. I also failed to ask for any deposit up front. Total payment would have been $15/page, or $60 had I completed the project.

During the past four months or so, she contacted me after I posted my own stuff to FA. When I presented her with four pages of tightened pencils, she requested some minor changes and one major change to p 3 (she did not make it entirely clear what exactly she wanted, and initially I thought I might have to change pp 3-4). She also turned down the revised rough for p 3, although she clarified what she wanted. I'd asked for more money to reflect the rework and she said she could throw $10 at me for it; no more, no less.

On May 24-26, she really started sending me notes. Initially she asked to cancel the project, and I confirmed that. Then she wrote to me that she was extremely offended that I had not asked to continue the project and that she considered that to be a lack of caring on my part. Then she offered me $5/page for my work so far, and I refused, partly because I felt that was a total ripoff and partly because I did not want further contact with her. (Again, she had not been charged anything at that point. I've never been paid anything for this commission).

Then someone - either her or as she claimed someone whom she'd shown the roughs - posted all four pages to FChan.

Then, in a public FA journal post, she accused me of not caring about the project, of never being in contact with her (which I consider untrue), of whining about money (I believe she was getting the bargain of the year) and of not promptly getting things done for her (again, this was basically four months; I've been told that many prepaid commissions take much longer, and have even less customer contact).

I understand that I basically brought myself a lot of this grief by not charging more and not insisting on pre-payment, and I feel bad about that, but I also feel that working with her was annoying and quickly became a real nightmare. Because she posted about me that publically in FA, I feel justified in posting about her publically here. I don't feel that her insulting, accusatory and passive-aggressive attitudes had anything to do with my doing the job (in fact, it really destroyed my interest in working on it), and I really don't appreciate the work involved in scrubbing my stuff off FChan.
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