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Has anyone been in any regular contact with Kim Bates, AKA KismetSarken?

I completed two commissions for her before May 9, and because of my previous history with late commission turnaround, I request that all commissioners wait until the commission is finsihed to pay me (So far she is the first and only person I've had a problem with).

I recieved an email from her on May 9, saying she'd put the money in my PayPal the following friday.
I recieved another email from her on May 10, saying that she gets paid the following friday and will PayPal me my money that evening, also saying that she would have done so the week before, but had a number of unexpected bills.

I sent her an email on the 19th after no payment came on the friday it was promised, saying that I needed to know if she could pay me soon, so I would know whether I needed to borrow money from family to get bus tickets to Pittsburgh so I could make it to the train station to Philly, but didn't demand anything. I got no response.
On May 30, I sent another email saying that I had not heard from her since may 10, and that I needed the money before June 15 or I would void the contract and resell the art. No response.
On June 2, I sent a final email saying that my email has been a little wierd lately, and to instant message me (which was how she commissioned me in the first place, via IM) ASAP.

The response was a brief IM on June 3, simply saying " Just checked my email, got your message and sending you this to let you know I got your email...sorry gotta run..."

And there's been nothing since, no payment, no messages, no nothing, even though I've left my AIM on almost constantly since the start of the commission.

If anyone has been in contact with her, or can give me a heads=up on what's going on (if she's recieved my emails, or if she actually intends to pay me or not, or who can even give her a prod to contact me), please let me know.
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Aug. 15th, 2005 01:29 am (UTC)
Just out of curiosity...
Is this her character?

(OLD, and warning: tasteful nudity) because I did that piece and another for a Kismet for her boyfriend's birthday WAYYYY back a few years ago(!) Since I was late getting them out to her, I waited until she said she'd mailed payment, then shipped, not waiting to get the moola. Bad idea. She stiffed me, never responded to emails, didn't talk to me on AIM anymore... and she was so friendly beforehand. So, I KNOW I got scammed.


Aug. 16th, 2005 02:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Just out of curiosity...
yep, looks like them to me.
But I seem to remember her actually coming through and paying me in the end, *months* later, seeming very apologetic and making promises that it'd never happen again... well I guess it won't, as she hasn't contacted me since over AIM or email or anything. *shrug* Hope she ends up coming to her senses with you, too :/
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