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It's not often I have to post about someone, but I think the time has come.

On March 23rd, I was commissioned by Karl Kratt (hyenafur on FA) to create an image of two of his characters.  My standard policy is for the client to send payment after the sketch is finalized.

On March 27th, I sent him a low-res copy of the first sketch.  On the 29th, I sent him a finalized sketch. He approved, so I let him know that he could send payment, and I would begin coloring.

He had been thinking of having me do a second image as well, so I was going to combine the fees for both and give him a total. After several weeks of not hearing from him, I emailed him back, asking for a status report.  Because he was low on funds, he decided not to get the second image, and just pay for the first, which I agreed to.

It is now May 20th, and several times I have been told that 'bills ate all my money this month' when I have inquired about when I would be paid.

Now, this is a person that commissions a lot of artists, which I appreciate. And I've seen plenty of other artists upload images he has commissioned. Whether or not these pieces are art have been paid recently, MY time and effort has gone unpaid for.  I understand the importance of keeping your bills paid, but my art is a bill that needs to be paid as well.

This is a nice, polite guy, so while I don't want to dissuade anyone from doing business with him, I want to strongly caution anyone he contacts about commissioning to get the money up front.  Personally, I will most likely not do business with him again.

EDIT:  At this point, I have received payment from him via a third party, the art is finished, and the transaction is (finally) closed.

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