Jason W. (nuclearninja) wrote in artists_beware,
Jason W.

In Need of Advice

Hi everyone.

I'm not to comfortable to posting something like this (fear of reprimand from the person ine question), but at the same time, I'm getitng fed up with no response. So... here I go...

The artist in question is Ashryn.

I asked for a comission from her over 3 years ago. At the time of her accepting, she hosted personal OpenCanvas sessions to draw them (I still have the event file). I wasn't able to pay in full at that time ($25 of $35), so she only did part of the comission. Perfectly nderstandable. However, I completed the payment 2 days after the session was hosted (I have a screenshot of my Paypal records verifying the sum of the 2 payments adding to $35. The initial payment of $25 was sent on 3/23/06, and the remaining $10 on 3/25/06).

Since then... The last response I received from her was near the end of july ... of last year (7/28/07), stating she had some new concepts for it and needed references again. I replied to that message with attached references, and even done somewhat regular nudges asking how it's going (I didn't spam her every day, more like one every couple of months... and even then, it was after the july message). Haven't received any response from her... at all. I even have her AIM handle, and she's not on it much... and if she is, it's not long enough to get a response in.

She has been somewhat active according to her last online time on DA (1 week ago), and has posted an entry in her own LJ (Dated 4/24/08).

I'm really getting fed up with (as Kahn from Star Trek II put it) "Eating static." I paid for the thing in full over 2 years ago, and haven't gotten any progress updates outside of the july e-mail.

I'm not sure what to do really. I can't ask for a refund, since every e-mail I've sent seems to be unheard, and I haven't received any updates (Not even a new concept sketch).

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