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Commissioner on Wajas

I was advised to post about this person by a few friends, and I hope I'm doing this right :).

I recently decided to start taking commissions over on Wajas (a pet type site) just to get used to doing so again as I haven't done any in a couple years.

Anyway, my first commissioner was Faed, user #46760, and Lulltide on Deviantart.

She requested a full sized commission of her dog, a headshot which she wanted in the quality of my $30-35 range. We haggled the price down a bit to $25 whith the addition of one of the pet things on the site.

This agreement was made around April 18th or so and I made it clear to her that I had finals coming up (I am a Senior in college with a December graduation) and then I was moving into an apartment. I also made it clear that I'd never done an English Springer Spaniel, or anything close to it in my life.

The whole conversation between us can be found here:

I kept getting pms from her asking about progress, and the tone of them indicated that she wanted the picture sooner rather than later, so I finished it, asking what she thought, and that it coud be changed.

That's where the content of this entry comes in:

So, I responded, taking the advice given to me by the commentors in the above entry.

My response was:
"Okay, a few things,

I see where you're at on the mistakes and such, I had a few other artists give me some constructive crits. I am, as I have said before, perfectly willing to bo back and fix those. I like learning as much as the next person. I will say some of them are due to the fact that I am legally blind, which I mentioned in my commissions thread, such as the tilt of the head/ muzzle, etc. It is extremely difficult for me to see detail when there are strong contrasts (in this case the white and dark dog markings) right next to each other. None of the mistakes were there on purpose or from mere laziness. Often I need those with better sight to point things out to me before I myself see them. If you want to read more on the blindness stuff, go here: Also, the fact that I had a very limited opportunity to actually work on this piece, with the impression that you wanted it sooner rather than later, at which point I would have had more opportunity to refine it, especially since this is a subject I have never done or attempted before.

Second, it seems a bit odd that you would give me that thorough critique and then be suddenly uninterested in my fixing it, when I have made it clear I would do so.

Third, considering the number of hours, at best guess, I would say at least 6, and that is at the very least, I put into this picture, I will not be refunding the half payment you made. Going by that math, I was paid less than half minimum wage, and is equivalent to $2 an hour, at the most, since I'm pretty sure it took more than 6 hours of work. I think I should be paid for the time I put in it already, and the work I have already done is worth at least the $12.50."

and her reply was this:
"I, myself, find it a bit odd that you would blame it all on your blindness when you have such wonderful, flawless wolf artwork. Just because you've never drawn [specifically] and English Springer Spaniel, doesn't mean you don't know how to draw canine eyes and correct proportions. But with your explaination of your blindness and the reason for your mistakes, you're pretty much telling my that you /can't/ fix it.

Also, I wrote more then once that I wasn't rushing you just because I messaged you. I wanted you to take all the time you needed to create a quality piece that I would be able to print and hang on my wall.

When I asked for my money back, it's because I felt like I paid for something I didn't get, not out of spite or some other childish reason. To me, you're getting paid for practicing, not for a by all means, enjoy your free $12.50. You know how much people love throwing away their hard earned cash. :)"

As one of my commentors to that entry said, "I just love how she tries to tell you that just because you have several awsome looking pictures, that it suddenly means you MUST be able to duplicate every piece of them 100% of the time 100% perfectly. Obviously this person doesn't know anything about what it is to actualy create something more than once. :/"

I strongly suggest anyone not take commissions from her because her apparently lack of understanding of knowing how to do different art subjects is blatant, as well as her complete lack of wanting to be patient and work with me to fix the stated issues with the picture.
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