stitchedlamb (stitchedlamb) wrote in artists_beware,

Recently I was approached by a new acquaintance who wanted to commission me for a number of portraits of her pet rabbits. I was glad to take it on as I really could use the money right now, but the manner in which she's discussed my compensation has me worried a bit.

She's informed me that the artist she had hired previously had raised their prices, so I guess she's assuming that since I'm an art student she'll get a better deal with me, which is probably true as I'm not a pro yet. She hasn't specifically told me how much she's willing to pay, but "assured" me that she thinks I'll find it quite generous.

I hadn't the heart (or guts) to tell her that wasn't quite the way it worked, and so I need to come up with a price list rather fast before this goes any further and we both walk away dissatisfied. I'm not quite sure what she's thinking to pay me, but I hope she doesn't think a detailed, realistic charcoal and/or painting portraits will be any less then $50 a pop, if not more.

We haven't worked out the full details yet, she hasn't even decided on the medium. All she's really told me is that she wants them smaller since it will be a series, but big enough to be framed. So now I have to look up canvas sizes and decide what to offer her.

I realize that's all rather vague, I'm pretty inexperienced with this, so I was hoping you all could share some guidelines on how to price traditional media? I fear that after factoring in art expenses, gas money (she wants me to meet up with her and see the rabbits in person, which is reasonable and understandable, but potentially expensive), and work fee, that it might add up to being something more then she is prepared to pay, and I want to let her know now before this gets any further.
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