dredwalker (dredwalker) wrote in artists_beware,

Need Advice

Some time ago, a person came here accusing me of ripping her off. She posted her arguement, and in the end the consenses was that it was pretty much a commuication issue, and things just should have ended differently. I would like to thank those who participated their opinions. They were very helpful.

Now I have a new nemesis that claims that I ripped him/her off back in DA. by the name of WildKittenpeach. I have no idea who this person is, I've only had a problem with the previous person so I am left to assume that it is the same person. Wildkittenpeach or (Lisa)  just became a member today and went right after me. Wild has no story to back her up, no artwork, present her profile is empty. And She has no evidence that we even spoke.

Why? I was addressing a problem that another person had a problem with a seemingly scam artist by the name of "j4yzk" or "jkayGFX"  I told this person of my experience and advised them to post here here. The previous person got upset although I didn't mention her name at the time. 

This is defamation of character, although I can't prove that this is the same person. Maybe it is J4zyk or jkayGFX. (Google the names, they have had complaints.) just looking to start trouble. But it smells just like the previous person who I had a problem with. She is known to be manipulative.

What should I do? I could complain to DA but they never do anything.


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