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Oh jeez, Tracer Warning on FA

I have reason to suspect this individual is a tracer. The name is Sullenlust. My otter showed up in traced form on his/her FA page after getting a sex change.

OH WHAT A SURPRISE! THEY DELETED THE ART! That's ok, i saved a copy for my own personal amusement.

here is the art posted by SL:
here is mine:

here is a note I just received while writing this post:

Sent By: SullenLust On: March 17th, 2008 03:41

Sorry about that. I know it was cruel to steal a person's art, without notifying you first off hand. I deleted it and making a new.

So, if you see your art or another artist's art show up here, let them know:

I am not big on vengeance, but I worked hard on that piece and on my art in general and it is irksome when someone can't even ask for permission to trace it for a friend. I could care less if they were polite and let me know as they posted it that the "referenced" my art and linked to my gallery. Imitation is a flattery, but there is a difference between flattery and stealing. If you are going to imitate or trace, at least try to cover your ass and notify the original artist.

EDIT: sullenlust looks like she has cleaned up her act and her gallery, she sent me a note soon after I posted this and apoligized and is going to site her sources. She also removed several pieces from her gallery, I assume to be redrawn, which i appreciate. This has pretty much been resolved, but thanks for commentary and give her the benefit of doubt, I think she is going to try to be honest from now on.

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