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eBay Sellers Be Warned

eBay Sellers Beware 
Here's a seller/artist beware for lionschild, an eBay buyer,

A few days before X-mas they placed the winning bid on a custom plushie pattern. The final bid: $10, very low for custom work.

Now, this pattern was explicitly marked as a base pattern. No hair, or cloths, or detail patterns/images included. This was again explained when they sent me reference images (which were asked for, to get the gist of what proportions they wanted). I have email records of what was explained to them before work was started.

They asked for something relatively simple: a female version of a pattern I already had previously made. I explained that, being that this would be the first time I had ever created a definitively female pattern, it may take longer than usual. I finished the 20th of this month, and the pattern was emailed to them.

This is where the fun really begins. I immediately get an email back, asking where the face, hair, and clothing pieces were(!). I explained that they hadn't BOUGHT those, and they complained that they hadn't known. Out of the goodness of my heart I created these pieces and have since emailed them out.

They complained about everything. The quality of the pattern (they paid $10, I made it as neat as I could without spending hours on after affects.), and so on. I checked back at their image source (their LJ) to see if I missed anything and I find a note badmouthing my work (no mention of the fact that it was THEIR INABILITY TO READ that lead to their confusion, and therefore, the added frustration). Claims of poor quality, and even of ART THEFT.

The kicker: they aren't even using the patterns. they're suckering a friend into making everything for them.

I was really suprised, they have largely good reviews. I would advise against doing commissions for them.

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