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Zim Gekko, and commissions.

At FWA a few weeks ago, I happen to come across Zim Gekko in the Artist Alley, I liked her work, and hey her badges were only $15, so I asked her about doing a badger for me, she said ok, took down my info, etc. I paid her my money, she told me to give her two hours and it would be done. I walk away, happy, with the transaction so far. Well, I actually give her three or fours hours before checking back in AA, which she was not in, I happen to pass her in the hall, and she says...."I had to take a break, I will be back in either tonight or in the morning" I say OK that's fine, and go about my business.

I checked in AA through the evening, just because me and my mate liked to look at the different art, but she was never in there, which was fine. So we checked back again in the morning (again just to look around, and yea, I was excited to get the badge) I find her there, in AA (still had a sign up for commissions, which , (plays a role later) she tells me that the badge is done, its in her room, and she will get someone to bring it down, Ok Great! So I check back a little later on, and she's no where to be found. Eventually, my mate see's her in the hall, and ask about it, and now there is an issue with the laminate (Though previously I had been told it was already done), ok so I say ok, and go on. I have been extremely patient about this whole thing, even telling my mate not to worry about it, that I will get my badge, etc.

I did not actually speak to her any more that day, but I did see her come down the hallway with a badge, laminated, and everything, but she did not stop to speak to me, or update me or anything. Sunday comes around, and she was never in AA, at least after 10:30 am. That's fine, I will find her on-line after the con, and see about getting my badge (though I was disappointed at not getting a new badge at FWA this year, I had another issue with another artist, that's been worked out). I get home on Monday after the con, and I have to google her name, as she did provide me with any contact info at all, so I find her FA account, and its linked to her new FA account. I drop a shout on the page, and say hey you did a badge for me, I never got to pick t up. She responds back the next day and says, oh yea its all ready, what's your addy, i can mail it to you. I provide her with my mailing address, and ask if I could get a scan, just to see it. Well, that was Tuesday, the 19th, I never got any response back after that, no scan, nothing. So 5 days ago I put another shout on her page, asking is she is going to respond to my messages. No response, So I posted a LJ entry in the FWA group about some left behind items in our room, and also a note there about how I hadn't gotten my badge, and no response from Zim. I will fully admit by this point I was a bit annoyed, and maybe impatient. Fact is I was told 2 hours, and it was strectching into week 2. So a day goes by no reponse whatsover, So I post one more shout on the FA page, asking if she mailed it, or if there was a problem, etc.

Well, now I get a response to my LJ post in FWA, form Zim, and it was rather mocking, and sarcastic. You can go read it for yourself. Now, at this point, I do believe I have a right to be annoyed, and even upset. So I respond back not nicely, and it all goes downhill from there. So now, no only do I still not have a badge, its now the 28th. The artist will not respond to me anymore, she will not provide a scan (proof she even did the badge), a date in which she mailed, nothing. She has however, taken the time to post about me in Artist Beware. Throwing out lies, and accusations of harrasment, she has let her friend post horrible things about me, calling me names, "blacklisting" me with other artist. But yet she cannot even answer to my complaints. Yes, I have some bad things too, but not until provoked. Yes two weeks may not be that long to wait for art, but when I was given a time frame of two hours, two weeks is a long time, especially with no apology, and in fact, quite the oppsite. She has come up with many different reasons as if to why the badge was not done, or hasn't arrived, ranging from the laminate issue, to her being sick (which for the record I was never told that she was sick, not feeling well, or that she could not complete the badge, for any reason), to its mailed, its not her problem any more. If the badge could not be completed, for whatever reason, I would have gladly taken my money back. If it is done, scan it, prove it, tell me a day in which is was mailed, something. Lastly, I am not writing this to start another flame war, to trash talk anyone. It is my side of the story, written calmly, coolly, and as objective as I can be on the subject.

Xposted to my own LJ, and Artist-Beware.

Edit:: The link to the FWA entry is as follows,


And I don't know how to 'edit' properly, call me simple I guess.
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