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Unsure Of What To Do...

4 months ago I commissioned an artist for a $7.00 couples sketch commission. This artist has hardly done any art these past 4 months and a lot of the art they have posted has been ether personal art, or art for friends. Right now they are having an emergency and are asking for more commissions cuz they need the money. I want to ask where I am on their list, or how much longer I might be waiting, but I'm afraid to because this person has posted several times on their journals and on their commission page that if you ask about your commission they get angry and sometimes bump you lower on the list so you have to wait longer. I didn't know about this "policy" of theirs when I commissioned them, I'm not even sure if they had publicly mentioned it before then, I dunno... So, I'm at a loss... I dunno what to do. Its just a sketch and its been 4 months and I don't wanna have to wait longer so I'm afraid to approach this artist. Its a shame because they have wonderful art... I would have liked to commission them again, but if I'm not allowed to ask about my commission, I don't think thats gonna happen. Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT: I talked to the artist, and they explained that this policy of theirs only applies to people who message them constantly about commissions. They said they've had people in the past message them several times a day about art. So I can understand why they would make this policy. Thank you everyone so much for your advice ^^; I'm really afraid of confrontation, so I wasn't sure how to approach the situation, but the artist was very pleasant.

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