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do we harras people here?

I had made the mistake of not being the blackhearted uber bitch when it came to payment. I had made a stuffed animal for "avalik" Adele Johneson. I had contacted her a few times and I felt bad because she claimed to had been hospitalized from things like Overdosing on medication or cancer. I felt a bit bad for going "yeh ok where is my money" last time I contacted her was possibly 5 months ago and that was "oh i lost your address"

now I find she no longer goes on line and who I thought was her pops up, I assumed I gave a non threatening "oh hay you are back. remember you bought that hippo from me"
then I found out its her girlfriend.

I was nice I wasn't mean I wasn't "if you don't pay up I'm going to crack your kneecaps" I think thats what I shold do from now on.

so now I am being accused of harassment by going "ok well I will send my address so I can reserive payment or she can use paypal" I Possibly cannot even mail a letter because then i'd get a restraining order.

for what? asking to be payed for a stuffed animal I made someone? GO call the cops someone wants free crap from an artist!

email adress should I share? karmachamelleon@hotmail.com

copypaste from today's convo

[17:33] danjhnaiyho: the gil or the girlfriend?
[17:33] Avalik: Adele doesn't come online anymore
[17:33] Avalik: Would you stop harassing her
[17:33] Avalik: Fuck.
[17:33] danjhnaiyho: why dosen't she?
[17:34] Avalik: She just doesn't
[17:34] Avalik: I don't know.
[17:34] danjhnaiyho: fine i guess it was my fault for not being more assertive in payment
[17:35] *** "Avalik" signed off at Fri Feb 15 17:35:12 2008.
[17:35] *** "Avalik" signed on at Fri Feb 15 17:35:36 2008.
[17:36] danjhnaiyho: ok well i wll remind people be assetrive or black list you and her from commsions
[17:37] Avalik: Okay go ahead
[17:38] danjhnaiyho: why do you think asking for payment for a comission is harrasment?
[17:39] danjhnaiyho: its not like I'm hounding he for bieng gay or something. she orderd a stuffd animal for her and I made it then i felt bad because she told me she had cancer or something
[17:39] Avalik: Look up definition of harassment
[17:40] danjhnaiyho: ok then where can i contact anyone else
[17:40] danjhnaiyho: she had lost my address so she couldn't repay me
[17:43] Avalik: I suppose you could send her mail, but if you keep contacting her she could put restraining order on you.
[17:45] danjhnaiyho: fine tell her to put a restrainting order on me
[17:45] Avalik: If you would contact her, I mean, keep doing so.
[17:45] Avalik: Anyways...
[17:45] Avalik: I'm just going to go now
[17:45] Avalik: Cause I'm not on here to talk to you.

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