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Finished the work... where's the payment?

Hello to all,

I have a small problem and could use some advice on how to solve it as I've never encountered this kind of situation before...

I was commissioned at the end of May last year to make a one piece fursuit (with no head, just an open faced hood)
I was paid half upfront where 250$covered materials and 50$ for labor and have about 300$ left owing to cover the rest of the labor.  I made the costume and it was ready at the end of August. So it took 3 months.
I photographed it, sent the photos to the customer,  asked for the last payment, his response was:  "I'll send it out this Friday."
So I waited, and hoped and then was dashed...
2 weeks later I ask again,  and get the same response: "I'll send it out this Friday."
I've probably let this drag on, but basically since September I've been emailing him every week or two to ask for payment.... and he hasn't paid yet, always with the same excuse.

So, at this point,  what should I do?  I figure I should give a final notice of some sort?  Maybe something like "Please make the final payment, or I will be forced to resell the costume."  How long should I be obligated to wait?

But what about his deposit amount?  Is he entitled to the entire amount or to a portion of it?
I don't think it's fair for him to be entitled to the material portion, as I could have spend 250$ elsewhere, especially right now.

I feel I'll be lucky to get 350$ for the suit on an auction, likely to only get 250$ at the most.

So some input would be appreciated~

*edit* 03/25
I've sold the suit privately to another fur before it had a chance to go up on auction.  The original buyer hasn't even e-mailed me about it yet nor has he responded to the final notice or anything.  I'd still be waiting to this day had I not sold it to another buyer.

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