Zinou (aderangedhyena) wrote in artists_beware,

Just a warning

Hello everyone,

Just dropping a warning into the art community in general. For your own sake, do not get involved with doing work -- commissioned or no -- for the RPG site Metal Machine Music. I have nothing against the site itself or game -- it's all excellent. I've been there for a long time and enjoyed it. However the site's owner, Don McGunigale, has zero respect for artists and a very twisted view on the legalities of works-ownership and rights.

I've done a number of small commissions for players on the site and never had a problem. Don attempted to commission me last year and long-story-short, it didn't work out. At all. I've done other non-commissioned work for the site out of love for the game, but have spent the last few days being walked all over for that work. Work that I did as a favor.

As Don McGunigale doesn't respond to reason and elevated a ridiculously simple request into a bunch of tl;dr nonsense, I feel something ought be said. I'm currently engaged in the legal side of trying to get my work down (right now mostly dealing with CafePress to stop my stuff from being sold).

I'll gladly elaborate or provide backing to any of these assertations, but I'd rather just post the warning in brief so everyone is made aware. Forewarned is fore-armed and such. I simply don't want any other artist having to go through what I've just gone through.

Thanks for your time.

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