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Is mooncookie okay?

This is not a complaint- I'm just not sure where else to post this.

Does anyone know if mooncookie is okay?

I commissioned her back in January 2007 for a piece, having had a good experience with her before. Overall she seemed very sweet and I really enjoyed working with her. I rarely commission others (having a small cash flow) so I was really confident in commissioning her a repeat time.

She was very quick to get me a sketch, it was brilliant and so she moved on to begin painting. Her communication was always great. She sent me a glorious in-progress shot of the work in February 2007 and I was tickled. She was doing a great job, and I was very pleased. I sent her an extra chunk of money as a tip, not only because I appreciated her great work and professionalisim, but because I felt she was undercharging. As an artist myself I know how much customer appreciation means. We talked a good bit and I felt we had a tenative friendship going. We were discussing doing collab-pieces and we were both excited. It sounds silly but she is a personality that I felt comfortable around and I am concerned for her.

Then... nothing. I've emailed her from different email accounts, sent her notes and posted in her journal. I am not overly concerned with my commission- it gets done when it gets done and I gave her no deadline- I was just struck with how odd it was that it went from perfect communication to absolute silence. I am concerned for her well-being.

Does anyone know her in person or know a way to get in touch with her? Again I am not trying to pester for my art. It would be a big relief just to know that she's okay.

Her last activity that I can see was that she posted a journal entry on: Tue Feb 27, 2007, 7:01 PM
And she posted a deviation/artwork on: Mar 31, 2007
The last email I got from her was in Feb. 2007 ( I don't know the exact date but can look it up if necessary)

Thanks for any info!
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