Croco Xarranax (crocosaur) wrote in artists_beware,
Croco Xarranax

Hello everyone.

I am trying to hunt someone down so that they can give me something that I commissioned at MFF a little over two months ago.  I'm wondering if anyone knows or can give me the contact info for GM; if you were at MFF, he was at the table with the "Surrender the Booty" pirate flag draped in front of it.  I commissioned a badge from him...and I still haven't seen it or heard from him since.  I know...leave it to a raccoon to take my shinies and run! (j/k)

If anyone's seen him around or has heard from him, let me know!  I've moved out of one place and into another so I'll have to give him my new address on top of wondering WTF is taking him so long.  Hope someone can help me out...thanks! 
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