Wolfen Wings (lilangelwings) wrote in artists_beware,
Wolfen Wings

Awkward commission request?

This was nothing terrible but I wanted to know other opinions on this.

I just had a woman aproach me after seeing me working on one of my drawings. She asked if I took commissions and I answered yes. She explained that she needed a drawing of a dog wearing clothes. Odd, but ok. Then she explains that its based off a photograph. Better, references! Then she goes on to say that she's a design major but cant draw. Um, so this means Im doing her homework for her? Not cool. THEN she tells me that she already has the dog drawn, but wants me to modify it. This is where I get uncomfortable. For one Im not cool with doing other people's homeworks and I got the sense that she would be taking full credit for this. AND when I confronted her about how I dont feel right modifying another person's art she got all pissy with me saying that its HER idea and that she should be able to have whatever she wants done to it. Then she says she wants it done withing the next couple of days. If it wasnt a no beforehand, it definately was after that bit. She obviously has no idea what it takes to create a piece of art. I know some artists could meet that deadline but I certainly cant, especially with my class/work schedual this semester!

So what do you think about the situation? Was I right to feel uncomfortable? Has anyone else had anything similar happen?


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