Valdyr Fenrisdottir (valdyrfenris) wrote in artists_beware,
Valdyr Fenrisdottir

Fursuit Commission Problems

Terribly sorry if the person I am bitching about here sees this post, but I need some advice.

So, back around September 20th, 2007, an auction for a partial fursuit ended at about $250. The guy that bought it was GREAT, and sent me the money straight away, and was awesomely eager and quick.

And then... that all failed.

It took him until October to figure out that he wanted a hyena. Originally, he said he was getting it as a present for someone, but that someone decided they didn't want it, so he told me he would get a hyena partial for himself. Okay, I said, when do you want me to start? When he gets the concept art, of course.

So I wait until December 4th, 2007 and FINALLY get the (incomplete) character sheet. Great. He says that I can start working on the starts of the mask: he commissioned a realistic mask, which means that I have to sculpt, cast, and then buy the products to fill the mold, which is expensive. While I am doing my online shopping for some of the more hard-to-find materials, I pick up his fur and the other supplies needed for the partial, thus spending almost all of the money he had paid on the supplies alone.

I start e-mailing him for the measurements; apparently, he didn't recieve any but the one that I sent out December 18th. I starting sending e-mails for measurements on the 4th, then try again on the 10th, then again on the 13th, again on the 15th, 17th, and 18th. At this point I am getting kind of pissed but LO! An e-mail finally arrives on the 19th:

"I will get you the other measurements shortly! Here are tracings of my
hand on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper with the ruler to show scale. I
have HUGE hands! and long fingers too"

Sure enough, here are these huuuge tracings of his hands that are going to be impossible for me to print out at actual size. I had asked for PHYSICAL measurements of his hand, and I did not receive them. Just his hand tracing photographed next to a ruler. Okay. I can TRY to work with this.

However, it is now January 19th, and a month since I have heard anything from him. I have his fur set aside, his mask cast and ready to be fitted to the size of his head. And I can't go any further. I can't even get his shoe size from the guy.

To make matters worse (yes, worse), he referred a friend to me and, from the sounds of this guys last e-mail, I think he MIGHT be trying to take the money that he spent and transfer it to his friend so he can get a fursuit. I have already bought the supplies for his! And even if this guy IS paying his own way with his costume, I'm scared that he is going to end up being just like his friend and just... toy around with me for months like this guy did.

I am pretty much terrified now to take fursuit commissions... if I have to deal with this... Gah.

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