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Regarding the Artist KankaKanka

This is unfortunately my first time posting to this community...I was really hoping I wouldn't have to since the artist seemed happy to take my business, maybe they were a little too happy to take my money for art..

The artist I'm referring to is KankaKanka on deviantART.

On November 11, 2007, I commissioned her for three pieces. In all they were $75, I have only paid $37.50 of it (which is exactly half of the full amount). The first piece was finished by 11/17/07.

That was pretty quick compared to other artists I commissioned before, so I figured I'd get my other two pieces done within the same speed. She told me she'd show me sketches before she worked on those two.

About a month came and went, and I sent her a note on 12/23 asking if she'd be able to send me the sketches she promised, or if she had even gotten them sketched out. A couple days past, and I checked to see if the note was even read, it was read but I had not received a reply.

January 11th came, I sent another note inquiring about those two sketches. Note was read with no reply to it.

Since the completion of the first piece on 11/17/07 she has uploaded 19 pieces, most of which have been personal work.

I sent her a note today, after getting really annoyed seeing her upload more and more personal pieces.

This was my note today:

"I'm kinda of getting annoyed now. This is the first time I've ever been annoyed with someone I am currently working with for a commission.

I paid you half of the $75 for three pieces, which was $37.50. You did one piece so far, and half of the payment for the 2nd piece has been paid off. You told me you would give me sketch updates for the last two before you worked on them, I haven't gotten those sketches. You've even read my previous notes that I have sent to you and never replied.

Are you trying to avoid me or something?

What annoys me even more is that you have uploaded 19 pieces (most of which was personal artwork) since the completion of my Oiseau piece on November 17 of last year.

Can you please reply to this note and give me an update?


I have never worked with someone like this...someone that just ignores your notes without update.

Sure, I've only spent $37.50 on her..But I haven't even received my first piece in the mail. If you're not even going to touch the other two, at least send me the first one..right?

-sigh- I dunno. Am I a little too persistent? Has anyone else had trouble working with this person before?

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