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I'd like to ask a question.
At MFF last November, I commissioned two pieces, a badge and an inked sketch from the artist known as Daro. I was unable to stay long enough to pick up my pieces before they were finished and I was promised by her that I would be contacted shortly with the completed pieces.
A couple weeks passed. I hadn't heard from her, but as the holidays got into full swing, I decided to give her the holidays because we all know we all get SO busy during the season.
After the holidays, I decided to track her down. I found her email and MSN messenger name and attempted several contacts, but with no response.
I've been kinda procrastinating about consulting here, preferring to keep most of my transactions and dealings private.
Talking to a friend of mine, he mentioned he had had a problem with her last year too.

My question is, does anyone know how to reliably get into contact with Daro? Has anyone else had problems with her before in the past?
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