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"Style ripping ain't copyright infringment."

I've heard the subject line said a thousand times in thousands of ways. As someone who gets style ganked more times than I can count, its high time the effects of this are heard directly from the source.

Fine. Whatever. You want to say "nothing is original anymore"? Great. Cool. But it shows a hefty deal of disrespect. Why won't people gank styles from long dead artists instead? They're dead and don't have to live with this on a daily basis like I have to.

Don't preach to me about patience anymore. I'm done being patient. This happened back when I first started posted art on the internet, and its no recent event. I got burned once by a friend leeching off my style and it happened again. Why did I let it happen? Well, this girl was actually nice in the beginning. In both these cases, the only reason I was so tolerant was the fact that I considered these people to be friends. They seemed to enjoy drawing like me, so I thought alright, thats cool and somewhat flattering to me but there comes a point you know, when they should start doing their own thing. I waited patiently, and too long for that to happen. Because I waited, its hard for me to feel I have any right to complain. However, the recent one is taking commissions. Taking commissions for cheap. This HURTS me not only financially but the trust in a friend has been shattered into oblivion. Because in the beginning, there was not mention that her work was -heavily- based around mine, those unfamiliar to my work and how long I've been doing it, tell ME my own work looks like hers. How do you think that made me feel?

Also, those who -did- find me and didn't see me publically up in arms about it thought I was cool with letting my work be leeched from. Such was never the case. And so, MORE people started doing it. My work was cheapened by a trend and I take the financial sufferings for it. When I started out to make something of my art, I wanted something different, something unique. I feel as though I did just that, ON MY OWN. It -can- be done. Just because there are around ten Arph-style carbon copies out there doesn't mean its impossible to get away from.

My issue ain't about copyrights. My issue is with RESPECT. I feel if someone's work is heavily influenced by my work, it should at least be mentioned somewhere that these people are posting it up. I don't want full claim, I'm not THAT full of myself. But this has gone on long enough and you know what? It HURTS.

I want to strip away the arguments of the law and get to the core. Its disrespectful, hands down. Want to use the excuse of 'fan art'? Well usually most fan art states where it came from. Maybe I finally get everything put together and publish what I intend to publish, I won't care do damn much. But here I am, struggling to make something of my work, share with people that process and I'm getting burned as many times as I get compliments. The scale is tipping and I do not intend to fall as a result.

You hear about artists who get fed up and take everything off the internet. A while back I didn't understand that to such the extent as I do now. Its not just throwing your hands up in the air and walking away from the rippers, its also running away from all the ridicule you get for simply stating, "This hurts me." If you find yourself wanting to tell me where to stick my opinion, don't bother. I've heard it all before, watched it happen to other artists enough to know the effects it would have. I don't particularly enjoy feeling this close to walking away from sharing my work online. I like the feedback. I appreciate knowing that people get something out of my work as it lends me a bit of direction for my art and stories and what I'd really like to do with them. I mean, yes of course I do it for my first, but I DO want to put out something that other people like as well.

I've worked too long and too hard not to put up a few final fights over recognition of how I feel before taking it all down. Those who read my personal journal probably already know my feelings about this and in a way thats more harsh than I'm stating here. Not all of them agree with me either, but its been a long time since I've bitten down on this subject as a whole. I don't expect people to agree with me. All I want is for people to consider what this does to me. Not just as an artist, but as a person. Just to think about it and nothing more.

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