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An auction run by an untrustworthy person

A few days ago I see this posting in fursuit auctions community here on Live Journal :

(This was posted by a user called Outrayjus)

"Selling Corgi (Character) (X-post from my journal)

If anyone is interested; please reply below. He fits myself (6'2) 35" waist; and can be easily hemmed to a shorter size. He is a little old (5 years), so he needs minor repairs.

Comes with:
Foot Paws, Hand Paws, Head, Body, Collar ( with Ein tag )

I'm starting at $100.00
(This dosnt include shipping!)

I will keep it up until the 16th, 2008 @ 7pm EST

Minimum Bid Increase : $10.00

Current Bids:

$100.00 - kai_darkwolf, Ohio
$110.00 - Panama_fox, Flordia
$150.00 - Ford Sheppard, Ohio

Post Below (or PM) if you are interested...I will keep this up to date with the bids."

We all can see it says anyone interested in this suit has (had) to 7 pm yesterday (Wednesday 16th) to place a bid on it.

Here is my bid in a posting (note time):

2008-01-16 11:59 pm UTC (link)
I want to bid $165.00 for Ein.

(Reply to this)

As everyone can see, my bid was placed at 6:59 pm EST (1 minute before 7) as per bid posting terms, plus it beat other bid by 15 dollars. So it would stand that I should win this suit, right? WRONG.

This was what Outrayjus told me this morning:

--- outrayjus wrote:
> I appreciate the enthusiasm, but because of the way that I ran the auction; I had already informed the 150.00 Person that they had won. Sadly, It would be impossible for me to take back that from them.
> Again, I apologize for the confusion.
> Thanks,
> Panda
> --- amcbeagle wrote:
> > Good morning,
> >
> > I just wanted to touch bases with you. I think I am able to adopt Ein. I made a bid at 6:59 pm (talk about cutting it close) for 165, which should top previous high bid of 150 that was posted.
> >
> > What is best way of getting money to you? A friend has a paypal account so I can cover it right away for you.
> >
> > Thanks again & he will be well taken care of :)

As much as I want to trust people with their word or promise. This is absurd. Why end an auction early & make that fact known? If it had ended early, it should have been made public rather than mislead people into thinking otherwise.

Just another fur not to give any credibility for anything. If this had been on eBay, I would have probably gone a bit over 200 dollars.

I just want to post this out as a warning to others NOT to trust anything outrayjus says.

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