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Not sure if this is allowed, but....

I had a DA user asking me this:

"Okay, I'm so new to this, and I am sure you probably get emails a lot asking this question. I was wondering if you would grant me to use your artwork for tags, snags, tubes etc.? I belong to a few paintshop pro group. Im new to this, so I do not know what to ask except what are your tou (terms of use) and if you allow the use of your work? I'd be happy to follow any instructions on tou and of coarse credit you with copyright. sorry to bother you, i just love your work! at the bottom are free to use artists who have given permission to use their work and their tou (not granted to me but people in general). The 2nd link it examples of tags (not the ones i use, just some examples) Thank you for your time. And I totally understand if you say no!


ps.. i searched your blogs for an answer before i wrote you, sorry if i missed it"

I have never been asked this kind of thing before, so I wasn't sure how to handle it. I guess what I'm asking is does this sound okay, and what are the risks? I asked if she plans to use for herself, or redistribute. If it's just for personal use that seems okay to me, but I'm not sure about having the art redistributed as I'm afraid that I will lose credit along the way. I'm not that popular of an artists so I don't think people would recognize my stuff if they saw it without a name attached. I ganked some terms of use from, which says may not use any of my images to create filters, brushes, tubes, nozzles, fonts or other current/future software plugins without permission, but I don't know if I should give permission or not. :X

UPDATE I asked and she said it would be for personal use and she wouldn't redistribute it or use it to make money.

And just so this is a more valid Artists_beware post, I though I'd share link to the journal of an artist who has recently had is art stolen and published by a company:

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