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Lack of Communication

[Edit] Its the opinion of most people here that mouldred is a decent and some times generious commissioner, he just doesn't have very good communication skills. And on top of that it seems I didn't give him nearly enough time, as most artists seem to give much more time before payment is due. In my (limited) experience I've either gotten a quick payment or none at all. Where it seems he's had a few misses, he does pay for his commissions. I'm posting this there so in the event someone does wonder about him as a commissioner they find this and not get the wrong idea about his slow communication. Its still my opinion his communication in his emails could be a lot better. I'm glad for all the comments I recieved, they point more toward him being a decent commissioner and not a deadbeat bidder.

Hello, this is the first time I'm coming here with anything. I don't take a whole lot of commissions, but lately I have been getting a few requests. I figured the best way to go about it would be to run an auction on Furbid. So on 12/18/07 I started a ten day auction. The auction was over the 28th and won by Moldred for $101.


It was at this time I went into his feedback. He/she has hundreds of positive feedback, but a hand full that say there was no communication at all, and that they were a 'deadbeat bidder'.

I sent them an email the same day, congratulating them on winning my auction and asked them politely to send me information on what they wanted. As stated in my auction anything over $100 was negotiable as far a content.

Email from me:

Congratulations on winning my auction!

As the final bid was over $100, we can negotiate what you would like. Please let me know what you had in mind.

Also I am in the process of purchasing a new computer. I have a computer capable of doing sketches and lineart, and by the time I need to do coloring and shading I should have my new computer. Just FYI.

With no response by 12/31/07 I sent another email. Now what I read in his/her feedback is sending up a red flag. I set them a deadline before I would move on to the next commissioner:

Good Morning,


Just trying to touch base with you on the commission auction you won. I'm still up for it, but if I do not get any kind of reply/payment by January 5th I will have to cancel the commission in favor of moving on to the next person.


On January 1st I finally recieved at email from him/her:

I've been trying to pay you on paypal but I keep getting
"This recipient is currently unable to receive money."
I'll work out what later in the week.
Thanks for your patience
~o0~ moldred ~0o~

I was a little put off by this, as I didn't give them my payment information. I don't ask for payment until after commission details are worked out. I replied the same day with this:

How could you do that if I haven't given you my paypal address?

You still have until the 5th.

The next day, Jan. 2nd I recieve this:

I was using
If you want to get paid why wouldn't you give me your paypal address?
Why didn't you include it with this message?

My idea for a picture is
Ripper the tigress
[Links for referance]
And/or Sneak the calico
[Links for referance]
Being attacked by a jello monster like
[Links for referance]

That can dissolve their clothes but not their bodies and has.
Outside or in a ruined castle or old mine like
 [Links for referance]

(ignore the Martian!)
what do you think?
Thanks for your patience
~o0~ moldred ~0o~

My reply:

I forgot to add it. I figured you might have made some kind of reply before trying to make a payment. I found your first email to be a little rude, so honestly I was a bit put off and hastily sent it.

I will need to sit down at home to go over all the pictures. A jello monster sounds like fun to render, so I'm thinking it will be a good idea for a commission. Confusion with emails aside, this sounds like it will be a fun commission.

Due to its complexity, and some problems at work this may take me a while to finish. (a month or more) I do commissions on the weekends, as I work a lot of over time on weekdays. So if all if this is ok, feel free to send payment to selinavann@gmail.com

I'm thinking maybe everything will be alright in the end, and wait for the payment. It never comes, so today on the Jan 5th deadline I cancel the commission.

I send this email today, as the deadline was up and no payment was made:

As I still have not received payment, I am forced to move on to the next commissioner. I am officially canceling this commission due to lack of communication and no payment by the stated deadline. Please understand there are others waiting in line, and your slowing down not only mine, but their progress as well. Please DO NOT send payment, as it is too late.

Later in the day I recieved this reply:

I don't understand. You finally give me the paypal address after weeks of back and forth and then cancel the commission? I don't get it.
Why can't you do some other work first and then do mine? I don't understand that either.

Then I sent what I hope will be my last email to this commissioner:

I gave you a deadline and you missed it. If you had the money, it shouldn't have been an issue, and would have been sent by now. I take on only one commission at a time for my own sake. The lack of communication in the beginning and your inablity to make the payment by the January 5th deadline are big red flags for me. And as an artist (as well as other artists) I reserve the right to deny commissions.

Now, I did set a short deadline, but they did say they had already attempted to send a payment. Wouldn't that mean they have the money? It shouldn't have been a big issue. If it was an issue some kind of communication should have been made to state that. If my deadline was unreasonable, something should have been said. I can't stand people who yank my chain, there for I set myself up for a fall (unless of course I know the commissioner personally) This was a case of mistrust and lack of communication.
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