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Printing and selling

Okay, I'm not going to name names because the client in question was never anything other than polite, but I'm not quite sure if I handled the situation properly or if maybe I'm just too paranoid, or if I maybe dodged a big bullet.

Basically, Nameless commissioned me for a bookmark and once it was finished they told me that they had a friend who had fallen upon hard times and wondered if I would be okay with them printing copies of the bookmark and selling them for $5 each to raise funds and help out the friend. I was a bit leery of this at first, but I wanted to help, since I know what it's like to be down and out in a bad personal situation. So I told the person that I'd be okay with it so long as I got $1 royalties per bookmark sold, so that it wouldn't be like me giving up my rights to the art, but they'd still get most of the profits to help out their friend. After thinking some more about it, I contacted the person again and told them that we really ought to work out the details of the deal, as in, how long did they plan on offering these printed bookmarks, and where would they be distributing them? I wanted to make sure that, if my art was being sold, it was only being sold for a limited time, and I wasn't giving the person permanent printing and selling rights. Well, after that, Nameless said they'd rather give up because if we tried working out the details this way that we'd run into disagreements and they didn't want to get into it, and told me to nevermind. They mentioned not particularly liking that I didn't trust them on their word that they'd sell the bookmarks honorably (what?), but that there were no hard feelings.

So on one hand, I feel kind of bad that I'm now not helping someone supposedly in need, but at the same time I think I probably avoided a lot of trouble, since there was no contract involved and when I tried to work out details the person backed out of the deal. I mean, how am I supposed to trust the word of someone I don't really even know?

So, did I handle this okay, or am I being overly paranoid? I've only been seriously selling my art for about 6 months and this is the first time I've run into something like this, so I wasn't entirely sure what to do. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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