Celestina Ketzia (celestinaketzia) wrote in artists_beware,
Celestina Ketzia


I commissioned an artist who will remain nameless for now back in February. Full color, two characters for $50. They were under hard times, and needed money fast. I've commissioned her in the past, and she had my piece done in a fairly reasonable amount of time. I figured since we were in the same fandom, and basically online acquaintances, that I'd give her some support. She said she was excited to do the piece, because she liked my characters. I sent the money and all was supposedly peachy.

Months went by, and nothing ever came of my commission. I sent her a note on Dec 4th basically saying, "Hey, I know life is crazy, but is there any progress on my commission? If there is none, I understand." The note was read the next day and not responded to.

My question is, would it be overstepping any boundaries if I contacted the other person that commissioned her in her journal to see if they got their piece? Also, I don't want to be too pestering to where she won't finish my work, but how many more times should I try contact before I say, "Ok fine, I'd really like a refund or the work." The last thing I want to do is bring her name here, because she seems like a generally nice person, and I don't think anyone's had problems with her in the past. Googling her name didn't bring up any previous grievances.

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