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Small concern on the commission front.

If you have had any problems in the past with a person by the name of "Dave Kesler", (he didn't pay, and wanted to see the work first), I believe very strongly he is asking for more work under the name "David Fuzie".

I did not agree to take his commission after his characteristics in the last case and this new one are the exact same...:
Wanted me to alter an Amanda Paine character to create his avatar.
Wanted 2 of the same girls *I* own to be part of a 3 way.
And of course shares the same first name.

What made it even fishier, is he wanted me to ship to a nickname. "Fuzzy" When he had given me his (supposed) real name.
I do have an address, EDIT: but I wont be posting it at this time in the odd chance it may NOT be him.
Confirmed. It is him. If you want the address I have, for your own records, please let me know.

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