Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in artists_beware,
Silver Husky

Myspace fursuit fraud!!!! Please read!!

NOTICE !!!!!!

Edit- We politely and peacefully contacted this person,and they did finally take the pictures down and send us an apology. The reason we are told she did it was something along the lines of an obsession that got too far. There were close to 150 images of my suit in her myspace photo album it turned out. Anyways, we are still working on the fake Saberfire and latinvixen ones, which we are told are unrelated to this person. Thanks guys for all yoru support.

It was pointed out to me today on that someone is frauding my identity. They used my name -silver- and proceeded to grab about 150 pics of my personal husky fursuit DIRECTLY from my website gallery. They even incorrectly labelled the photos.

Here it is:

No im not 17, and I dont live in Greenback USA, and i dont have a myspace account.

Please do not think this page is me or that ny comments or posts from this person are assciated with me. To make matters worse, I noticed a friend of hers has frauded my husband -saber fire- and his fursuit as well. THIS IS NOT HIS MYSPACE!!!

This problem may be affecting you!

This may be larger spread than we thought. Everyone please watch out and double check your suit is not being frauded as well. This is very serious.

Ive emailed myspace with no reply yet. Lets get em!

Thanks for listening.

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