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A major issue with a fursuit commission that I had placed.

A few months before AnthroCon I had placed an order with Whippetluv for a fursuit that was to be done by AC. The suit was done in time, but when I got the suit it was sadly to small as well as a few other problems. So I sent it back, emailed Whippetluv and she emailed back that she had the suit now, and then I have heard nothing for 4 months. I have emailed her several times, and nothing is working. Last I heard from a friend of hers is that she hasn’t touched my suit. So now she has my money, and my suit, and is not answering my emails. What should I do or try? Any ideas or help would be greatly welcome as I’m at my wits end. I don’t want to be out my money or my suit, but it’s starting to get where I would want one or the other.
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