Elizabeth Watkins (spirit86) wrote in artists_beware,
Elizabeth Watkins


Hi, I'm new, but I think this is a really great idea for a community.

1. If you recieve a request from http://kittycatanabana.deviantart.com/ , RUN THE OTHER WAY! She's threatened people and spread rumors for anyone who has rejected her request and even those who have accepted one and "did not do a good enough job". She's been harassing both me and my friends via MSN, Hotmail, and various other sites.

2. http://pink-wolfie.deviantart.com/ comissioned me a while back. The way I do comissions, is the person sends me half payment, then I upload the picture, then they send me the second half, and I send them the picture. She sends me the first half, I upload, she is never to be heard from for months. Finally, I get a reply to one of my many emails and notes saying that she'd rather spend the money shopping, she knows she's comissioned me but I'll have to wait because she wants to go shopping first.

If I've done something wrong, please let me know. I read the rules and stuff, but sometimes my mind or eyes jump so I miss something... eh.
Tags: beware, comm-kittycatanabana, comm-pink-wolfie
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